Radon, Lead-Based Paint, Mold, Indoor Air Quality & Methamphetamine Testing

Varied Tests

APEC has experience performing radon and lead-based paint inspections on both residential and commercial properties. These tests have been performed in conjunction with Phase I ESAs to further evaluate the liability of a property.

Mold Inspections are becoming more necessary with the potentially harmful health effects and the damage to building materials caused by mold from water penetration. As part of APEC’s mold inspection service, you will, if necessary, be provided with the following:

  • Tape samples of all visible mold;
  • Air samples collected from inside affected areas and from outside (control sample);
  • A final report detailing the type and quantity of mold found on the property and possible health effects associated with the various mold species, as well as possible remedial actions.

Lead-Based Paint Inspections are completed for housing development projects, demolition projects and/or as part of real-estate transactions. We have certified lead inspectors and risk assessors on staff. We can aid in the implementation of a remediation plan and conduct post-remediation sampling.

Radon Testing is a growing service area, particularly with the increased concern over the potentially harmful health effects of long-term exposure. We can conduct short and long-term tests. We will also recommend remedial actions and aide in finding a contractor. We provide testing for schools, as recommended by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.