We offer draw inspections to ensure prompt payments to contractors so that construction projects finish on time, with no delays. All Phase's reports have been approved by several national banks and institutions.

Energy Assessments/Energy Star Partner

The “Green Builder” program of Colorado is dedicated to conserving resources during construction and lowering utility bills through energy efficient construction. APEC is certified to perform “Built Green” rating tests on residential properties. APEC also certifies new homes for the Energy Star Program and for the tax credit.

During our energy assessments, the following are some of the items that are analyzed and/or tested:

  • Furnace;
  • Domestic water heater;
  • Windows;
  • Insulation;
  • Air infiltration system (blower door testing)
  • Duct Blaster Testing (tightness of ductwork)
  • Infrared Camera Inspections

We can also perform duct blaster testing of an air filtration system as a single test or in conjunction with air quality testing.

Energy Efficiency Assessments

Construction Draw Inspections