Project Highlights
  • Over 20 Residences

  • 2 Large multi-family projects for Veterans

  • Complete Inspections for demolition

  • Liaison between Client and the Abatement Contractor

  • Project Management

  • ​Air Monitoring Specialist

Multiple Residences
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Abatement Oversight
  • Oversight
  • Air Monitoring
  • Lead Testing (TCLP)
  • Mold and Meth Testing

Department of Housing and Citizen Services

This Project Scope of Work is for the complete asbestos inspection, abatement oversight and air monitoring of several residences and a multi-family building all located throughout Pueblo, Colorado.  The Asbestos Project consists of the following:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ASTM Standard)
  • AHERA Inspection
  • Project Design – Bid Specification and Bid Documents
  • Abatement Oversight
  • Air monitoring and Clearances
  • Non-Friable Asbestos in  Soils Removal Oversight and Visual Clearance
  • Sign Demolition Permit

All-Phase Environmental won this contract with the City of Pueblo that also included the services of Mold and Methamphetamine testing, abatement oversight and clearances.    All-Phase provided the sampling and analysis procedures as well as the Health and Safety Plans for the various residences and all data collection.  All-Phase was responsible for working with a variety of contractors, attending several meetings with various contractors and ensuring work was completed on time.

City of Pueblo